Dating a bpd woman

There are two areas I wanted to clear up: 1- a BPD trait seems to be a willingness to manipulate.

How serious is this, and is there a way to be cognizant of it?

It's the fear of abandonment that puts us in situations that make it seem like we are manipulative, but really we are just so scared that you will break up with will have to let your girlfriend know that you are not going to leave her on a daily bases.

Always answer phone calls or messages so she won't worry that something has happened to you.

For me, if I feel I'm being treated unfairly, I turn into a momma grizzly bear.Hi I am female 26 years old and have bpd and bipolar disorder.I have been married for almost 4 years now which is quite an archivement for someone with answer your first question we really don't mean to be maniputive it often just seems this way.We have had so many fights until one day we finally worked out why we were never getting anywhere and that's because all I wanted was him to say he understood why I was feeling like the way I felt.If you really love this girl please give her a chance or "chances" because she is worth it.

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