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After his string of losses, the fiery orator needs to use his CPAC speech to "hit the reset button" and prevent Santorum "from dominating the 'conservative alternative' space." Even if Newt can't use CPAC to "reignite the spark that once propelled his campaign," says 's Dickerson, he'll keep slogging on.

And you never know what might happen: "Gingrich is at his best when people are predicting his doom." 4.

Here, five ways the conservative confab could help determine which candidate the splintered Republican Party will send into the ring with President Obama this fall: 1.

CPAC gives Romney a chance to cozy up to conservatives At CPAC four years ago, Romney dropped out of the presidential race and urged conservatives to unite behind John Mc Cain. The more he panders to the CPAC crowd, the more he's "remade into somebody he's not." 2.

The summer lessons for students aged 15 normally take place at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford or elsewhere outside Bocardo House, such as the Oxford Union or one of the other world-renowned Oxford University colleges.

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Nadine gave birth to her baby girl two months ago but has been keeping fans waiting, having only just released a photo and the name of her daughter this weekend.

Nadine gave birth in February and has been keeping a low profile ever since.

[];Init Arr.push(function(){wp_import.valor(! The Republican Party is not known for promoting casual dating, so naturally the Conservative Political Action Conference's panel on conservative dating drew more reporters -- like NASCAR fans rooting for a crash -- than small-government singletons ISO same.

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