Columbus dating ideas

)A much better plan is to ditch the caviar and find fun activities you actually enjoy doing together!

This list is my best dates under to get you started.

)All you need to do is print the downloadable pack as photos at your local office store (about ).

Then hide the printed clues around your house using the Setup Guide in the pack.

Basically you use the Geocaching app to navigate to a destination where there will be a hidden box full of small objects.

You can trade one of these with something of your own which makes for a great keepsake from the date.

Find a local bar or distillery that offers bourbon tastings and learn the difference between a 7-year-old 107-proof and a single barrel, 86-proof.If your idea of a winter “date” is eating Chinese food with your chick on the couch, it’s safe to assume she’ll get bored and leave you/your pork-fried rice for someone more exciting.Yes, it’s winter, and yes it’s unbearably cold, but girls love “activities.” Here are 10 non-couch-potato ideas to keep your dating life afloat this winter.Turn your kitchen counter into a hot chocolate cocktail bar: start with a few packets of Swiss Miss, hot water, and whipped cream.Stock the bar with mini bottles of different liqueurs like peppermint schnapps, Bailey’s, Kahlua, vanilla vodka or Chambord.

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