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In an open letter, Sala responded to her detractors, saying that “…they can’t stand that those who were left unemployed an excluded in the ’90s have organised in cooperatives and built 56,000 houses around the country, schools, hospitals, recreational and rehabilitation centres, sports centres.

They can’t stand that our families can have a future with guaranteed work, education, and health (…) They can’t stand that his black [Sala’s ethnic group] who doesn’t know how to speak (so they say) has built, together with those comrades, an organisation, a political party, that she runs in elections and gets voted in.” In the 2015 election she was voted in as a member of the regional Mercosur parliament, Parlasur.

The groups agreed to lift part of the camp blocking roads, but insisted that the protest would continue in the main square until Sala was released and governor Morales opened a dialogue to guarantee ongoing work for the cooperatives.

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She has been criticised for a combative style and the frequent use of roadblocks during protests, while her detractors have accused her of monopolising control over state resources and abusing her position for political gain.The Centre for Legal and Social Studies (CELS) said the arrest was based on “vague” and “arbitrary” interpretations of the law, with worrying implications.“Following Judge Raúl Eduardo Gutierrez’s logic, based on the evidence available, anyone leading a social protest against a government measure or resolution could be committing the crime of ‘publicly revolting to impede the execution of a national or provincial law’,” read a statement released by CELS shortly after Sala’s arrest.Dress: Tibi (skirt version here and top version here), Shoes: Schutz. The arrest of social and indigenous leader Milagro Sala in Jujuy has created more controversy and political divisions in Argentina.

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