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The film follows three girls who have befriended one another on We Chat, but have never met in person.

There's Yan (Kabby Hui), the spoilt rich girl who wanders aimlessly through life and one casual sexual encounter after another.

Yung ratchets up the violence to alarming degrees, without ever grounding it in something more real or emotional.

The show opens in 2019 and introduces a large group of characters, only to begin a series of flashbacks to two other time periods: 19.In fact, Yung brings in two actors from that older film - Irene Wan and Peter Mak - to play older versions of themselves in May We Chat.Wan, as Yan's mother, and Mak, as a gangster turned kindly pimp, provide a tremulous link to an era gone by, even as each tries to deal with the new ways in which youths interact in this present.It's impossible to deny Yung's ambition: he weaves an almost epic collision of character and circumstance into his script.We find out more about each member of the trio: Yan's tale is coloured in via sombre flashbacks to her unhappy past as a child of divorce and remarriage, while Wai and Chiu struggle to make ends meet even as their quest to find their friend plunges them ever deeper into the crime and grime of Hong Kong's underworld.

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