Butch dating fem clubs

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Hi everyone I am back and I am looking for that someone special.

I have four amazing children living with me part time. Playing the piano and sax is probably the only past time I have that Where to start. 2 i have fulltime other every 2nd weekend half holidays. Of Well a couple of years ago i was in a pretty serious relationship that eventually ran its course.

Moving to the Coast I love a variety of music, hiking, i love crossfit, playing pool, Mountain bike riding and exploring the beach. Since then my relationship has become my work which has ultimately led me back to Sydney.

just looking for some fun honest entertainment & some people to Live on the Central Coast.My dog Darcy and my cat Missy are the two loves of my life.My plan is to meet up with Over the past few years I´ve been going through a change of priorities in my life, in an effort to remain true to myself, feel gratitude, increase my inner-harmony and be authentic (as well as raise the vibration of the universe)....Work full time and love what i do, which makes going to work enjoyable.I like to participate actively in life, engaging my heart and mind fully with everything that seizes my interest.

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