Brittny gastineau dating

To attain fame she romanced with a list of popular man for media attention. Originally this relation was started five years ago but both of them had their breakup time; a year ago once again they resumed their relationship.

During split and reunion time with Luis she had enjoyed number of romantic relations, but two of them left worst experience.

Gastineau was spotted out to dinner with a huge shiner after reportedly being attacked at the London Hotel.

The police became involved in the incident after doctors at the hospital where Gastineau had checked visited, felt it was a domestic violence situation.

Goldstein says his client was almost defenseless from the physical attack because he was unable to walk without crutches.

Goldstein says there was lots of swinging, and in the end Retna was also seriously injured — his face and eye were swollen, his painting hand was injured and his ear was cut up.

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