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Read More It’s time for a frank discussion about your butt.

But it’s been slacking on the job lately, and that’s not doing you any favours for your game.

These are some of the intangibles that can help set your team apart from your opponents on bout day.

Because I don't think Hallmark makes this particular card: You've got my back.

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We have also teamed up with Great Falls TV to offer an introduction to videography.

Looking for a girl who would like to have fun time with me ;-) and maybe let my boyfriend watch.

I'm a romantic at heart but I'm also not afraid to be blunt or tell things like it is.

Read More Whether you want to punch through the scrum start the second the whistle blows, or have the power to move another blocker at will to create offensive opportunities, you'll want to power up with plyo to make it happen!

I was trying to give definition to my spark plugs -- those little fires that drive me to work on this project -- that have always been there but are someti…

Did anyone get our skate-out song to the bout committee?

]This essay comes from the pen of one of the greatest supporters the derby community is lucky to have, Shawn Sanders, aka Delilah Decider.

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