Black grannie hook ups

He intends to speed up Belle’s pregnancy to use the shears against their son.

Belle, Hook and Emma attempt to trick him, but their stale squid ink capture doesn’t work as well as they hope and Rumple confronts Belle.

The Evil Queen vanishes and Zelena is impressed by her sister’s love.

She thinks this means they’re back to being sisters, but Regina doesn’t share this revelation.

Jasmine confides in Snow that Aladdin found a genie lamp and she’s tempted to use it to save Agrahbah.

It’s not just The Dark One that contains it, he was born with it.

Between Evil Dad Peter Pan and the Terrible Black Fairy Mother, he doesn’t have good genetics. Back in present day Storybrooke, Rumple ages a fairy, proving that he means business when it comes to Belle and the baby.

But she seems to care less, because as Belle saves the child, the Black Fairy flies off, telling Rumple “I chose power over love.” Belle tries to comfort Rumple by being sympathetic to his pain, but he laments “no one knows anything about my pain.” He allows Belle to return the baby to its parents as he looks on longingly.

This whole discovery leads me to believe that Evil has always been within Rumple.

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