Bible studies for dating couple

Have you ever wondered what God had in mind when he made you in the first place?Have you ever wondered if this life is really worth all the pain and heartache?Our Bible studies on whole books of the Bible are our most popular studies.You can find all of these studies in one place, but these are your 10 favorite studies: Have you ever wondered what kind of person you would be if you lived up to your potential?As for men, it’s good to hear they’re loved and that they’re shown it by their spouse or girlfriend but more importantly, the crave respect.A man that is respected will feel loved and a woman who is loved will feel respected.

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One person might see something that the other missed so two really are better than one since “” (Eccl ), especially if that third cord is God Himself.

That’s not my opinion but that comes from the Word of God, the Bible.

The reason is that God created us to have fellowship and relationship with others, especially with Him.

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Topical studies are great for honing in on what the Bible says about a particular issue.

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