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This notion of trading up – disposal, even – ran through the focus groups.When isolated from the women, male respondents offered up some unique terms for the one-night stand – "Hit it and Quit it," and "Use 'Em and Lose 'Em" the more genteel among them. Wentland said of the terms, which she nonetheless wrote off as "male bravado." While many studies have examined the consequences of casual sex, from risky sexual behaviours to regret, emotional distress and depression, the current study did not.However, someone is bound to catch feelings eventually. You can't choose to be friends with benefits early on in a relationship, because neither party knows each other well enough to be 100% comfortable and committed with the expectations." - Vanessa L.Sex creates attachment—thank you brain chemicals.” - Alexa P. "I think friends with benefits is good while it lasts, but it definitely has an expiration date. "In the beginning it can work but once it happens more than a few times and it becomes consistent, someone will fall for the other." - Jane R.While some FWBs evolve into romantic relationships that can eventually be disclosed, others end when one partner finds someone else.

"I suppose it can work if you and your friend are completely open about what you're looking for and willing to adjust if it no longer works for someone." - Eliza J. It's hard for feelings to not get in the mix, and someone always seems to get hurt.

Still, monogamy is not expected and partners go their own way once the appeal has weakened.

One-night stands, meanwhile, are singular sessions typically fuelled by shots at the bar. "These individuals are convenient, transient sexual partners with no emotional investment," the Journal authors write, noting that "emotionally intimate acts" such as hand-holding and even kissing a partner's face were verboten for booty calls, as were sleepovers and breakfasts the next morning.

"I think acquaintances with benefits can work, but definitely not friends.

Someone always gets hurt, and it’s usually the one you least expect.” - Chrissie G.

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