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He is also looking into livestreaming alternatives to host his speedrunning videos.

Of course, that leads to the obvious question: Does Twitch really have any competition?

Both policies have portions of the Twitch community voicing concerns, but the livestreaming company isn’t backing down.

In response, Cosmo Wright, one of the top broadcasters on Twitch (who specializes in speedrunning Zelda games), says that he is cancelling his subscriptions to streamers on the site.

Some people are not really happy with gameplay livestreaming video site Twitch right now, and others are even considering leaving the site altogether.

Hitbox claims its delays are in the range of only 2 seconds.We also added amazing new effects for you to get creative on: Improve your video conferences, create high quality webinars, and deliver impactful online business presentations by adding multiple video sources, sharing your screen and applying the picture in picture feature.Create professional-looking live streams adding up to 12 different video, audio and image sources.It turns out that it does, and we’ve dug up some options that people like Wright and others could end up using.Shortly after Twitch announced its policy changes yesterday — and the backlash started to flare up among the game-streaming community —, Twitch’s most-direct competitor, posted a blog titled “Time to switch.” The company claims that Twitch has lost touch with the “people that made it big,” and it is encouraging people with concerns to give Hitbox a try.

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