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You make her incredibly happy without having burnt a major hole in your a life-time decision as some of the western man would like to marry with a loyal and trustable woman which is very hard to find in western life at today’s World.However, it might be tough facing the mother instead. The sari is the garment for Indian women, and when it’s Bengalis – it’s their best garment.You’re not only happy with her, you’re happy with the whole meet-her-parents episode. You’ll find many of them wearing other clothes, but their culture holds the sari as their women’s dress. You mostly see her in jeans and tees, but when she’s in a sari nobody could look as confident and as drop-dead gorgeous as her. Indian weddings are grand, big, colourful, noisy and all about food and dance.But, it’s time to move over clichés and look at the person. You’re most likely to find most Bengali women with really gorgeous eyes. You can trust her to serve up the best thing possible, and, which is definitely your favourite.Here are eight reasons why you should date a Bengali girl: Which man doesn’t love to look at those deep dark eyes? A look into her eyes and you know that she’s your girl. Forget about salad and juice diets, she’s never going to utter something like ‘I’m on a diet today.’ However on the fatter side she might be, she won’t deprive herself from digging into her favourite food. Unlike most women who are desperately crazy about being in shape, Bengali girls take very little notice of their health issues.Men who already have Bong girls as their partners or wives know the advantages of having her around. They have the best hands to cook everything from veg to non-veg.

Above everything, it’s about laughter and loads and loads of fun.

are open minded and free to talk, basically who live in the city.

If they’re out for eating with buddies, if they’re out on a day with their men, or anything, they’re very open-minded with their loved ones and talk about almost the whole lot always. They are talkative, they are helpful, they are strong and brave, and they won’t delay for you to take action. This really makes them appear even more wonderful to people., you notice that they are much skilled.

They’re big, brownish, blue, black and glistening, charming.

The type of eyes, you could just focus at throughout all day and wander away in some wonderful world!

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