Are kristen and robert pattinson dating

The site is pegging its latest fabricated article on unverified claims that Stewart and Pattinson were seen “hanging out” at the Los Angeles restaurant Edendale on February 11.In what appears to be a flagrant lie, the site contends “a source close to Rob” shared with the repeatedly disproven outlet that they’re good “friends again” because “they really understand each other better than anyone else could.” The same almost assuredly concocted “insider” adds that these days Pattinson has “a lot of love” for Stewart. While the two bear no animosity towards each other since they last broke up a half decade ago, they are not tight “friends again.” They have each moved on, with .

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Now, however, Kristen has finally put it all out there in an interview with London's .Kristen’s fans remember her high-profiled relationship with Robert during their Twilight years.It’s without a doubt that everyone thought they would make it as a couple. And while Kristen and Stella seem to be going strong, she recently said in an interview that she would be open to dating men again.We’re once again told that no one in the two stars’ circles shares any information with that often discredited outlet.In its latest tall tale, the blog alternately known as Hollywood Lies maintains that Pattinson still has “a lot of love” for Stewart.

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