Aphrodite cam

On 22 November 1962, this tiny island had the honour of receiving a visit from astronaut Ghermann Ti Tốp, a hero of the former Soviet Union, accompanied by Hồ Chí Minh.

To perpetuate the remembrance of their visit, Uncle Hồ named the place Ti Tốp Island.

It has an area of 22,863 sq.m and its highest peak reach 139 m.

When speaking of the island, it is impossible not mention to Ba Hâm Lake, a famous spot which people had known a long time ago.

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It has become a symbol of Halong Bay and also Vietnam’s tourism.It’s a perfect substitute for that after dinner mocha.Availability: At better bottle shops that carry products by their importer, Shelton Brothers.Dieu du Ciel has made a name for itself brewing a wide variety of styles using unique ingredients and marketing those beers with colorful and artful labels.Aphrodite (Aphrodisiaque as it’s labeled in French) is no exception to either of those rules. Appearance: Deep brown/black, brown head, good retention Aroma: Cocoa, vanilla, chocolate malt Taste: Chocolate malt, vanilla, mocha.

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