An intimidating girl

Our body language makes up more than HALF of our communication! I have worked with hundreds of clients that struggled with this --they always feel judged, people avoid them, and/or don't include them in social activities.The way you carry yourself says a lot, which is why when you are angry, it's not as likely for a stranger to approach you and talk. If your energy and body language is communicating an annoyed, irritated or timid state, other women are going to treat you with the same demeanor.

The fact that you are reading this articles says a lot about your willingness to stay open and listen.We know how often females gossip and talk trash on other people --specifically other females, so our first instinct is to automatically judge our own appearance. Oftentimes, when a woman feels like she is being intimidated, in reality SHE is the one giving off the distressing vibes.Most women do not know that they are the ones being threatening with their body language or facial expressions.The intimidating part of this is that these people aren't afraid to tell you that.Especially when it comes to getting work done; they simply don't have the time for anything but actual substance.

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