Am i intimidatingly beautiful

In other words, they are a force not to be reckoned with.

Eisner has clearly been surrounded by the weak, waif princesses portrayed in most of Disney movies he managed for far, far too long.

I’ve got lots of things I can rant on about this subject, but I’ll stick with a small story: Once, while getting dressed for a gig, I was in my room with my producer (who also happens to be a very good friend of mine) who I asked for her opinion on my top.

Okay, that might be a scene from Mean Girls, but I’ve actually had someone say something along those lines.

From this statement I can only conclude that Michael spends most of his time rocking backwards and forwards alone in the dark.

That, or hiding from his wife – after all, his statement suggests to the world that he reckons she is either: “really fit but a bit of a plank” or “hysterically funny, but looks like Shrek”.

You can look back at women in comedy and think that many comedians deliberately made themselves look less attractive in order to be accepted.Sure, beautiful women rely on their looks to get them places and they have the personality of a soggy plimsole.But lets face it, that’s not gender exclusive: I have met many a gorgeous man who, surprisingly, didn’t manage to keep my interest when his chat was revealed as solely touching the subjects of chicken salads and protein shakes.So, while we’re busy weeping into our keyboards with the depression of it all, we asked some beautiful, funny women about how it feels to be told that they don’t exist. So I wore a t-shirt and jeans instead, even though I wanted to wear that shirt. Like everyone, some days I look in the mirror and think ’Nailed it.’ And some days I look in the mirror and go ’Nope, gross’ then throw a hissy fit because I think I look fat.Loren O’Brien ‘If you are a woman you can be only one of these three: funny, smart The response I once got after telling someone I’m a comedian: Them: But you’re, like, really pretty. Those are my own insecurities and things I am working on to get over.

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