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If you haven’t purchased from this company before, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with them.This company offers authentic, original candle fragrances you simply can’t find anywhere else–not with the same superior aromatic qualities.The Alliance Mission is to unite and empower physician families.

At BBW you will find that these essences are included in some of the home refresher sprays for the same purpose as this candle was designed, to alleviate anxiety, stress and promote rest and relaxation.The 3 wick design doesn’t burn too fast, but it does allow for a more intoxicating experience you can feel.You can obtain elegant candle toppers and holders at BBW, just to add a little extra touch of femininity.The 3 wick Eucalyptus and Spearmint candle by Bath and Body Works is one of these such enchanting fragrances.The high concentration of scented oils gives an almost instant sense of relaxation–one of the very reasons this candle has become so popular.

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