Accommodating special education students

And what about a calculator - can the teacher make an assignment where students are not allowed to use calculators?You will not find a clear answer to your question in the statute, regulations, or caselaw (all three are in our book, Wrightslaw: Special Education Law).Will an essay test measure this childs knowledge of history?Or will this essay test measure the childs disability (inability to write)?Working with special needs students requires a level of training that specifically accommodates individuals with disabilities.Teachers who work with special needs students learn how to identify disabilities and design tailored curriculums based on assessment results and empirical data.Below are a few tips to help you meet their varying needs.

The student population includes students with and without disabilities.

These provisions include the requirement that State and local districts develop guidelines for the provision of appropriate testing accommodations and, to the extent feasible, use universal design principles in developing and administering State and districtwide tests.

These efforts are also consistent with the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), which requires each State to implement a system of accountability for schools and districts that is designed to ensure that all children perform at or above proficiency on state academic achievement standards and state assessments.

The job of a special educator is a demanding one, but with the right tools and strategies, the rewards can far outweigh the challenges.

We’ve compiled a list of tips and resources to help you be as effective as you can with your students.

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