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Yet if it must be classed as one of tl tliree sorts of arts which I have mentioned, let it, f formauce consists chiefly in the mere act, and as : frequently eihibiled in aat, he called an active, or a practia art.

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Co DBiderationa on public and private educntio D ; pnblio edaca- tioa to be preferred ; alieged corruption of momls in pnblic achoa U ; equal corruption at borne, % 1 — 8.

Necessity of correctness in speaking and writing, S 1- On single words, 2, 3.

though he be silent ; and if, either designedly, or from h disabled by any accident, he has ceased to plead, h cease to be an orator, more than aphysician who has left off pa tic B ceases to a physician. There is some enjoyment, a A perhaps the greatest of all enjoyments, in retired meditation n and the pleasure derived from knowledge is pure when i withdrawn from action, that is, from toil, and enjoys the culm contemplation of itself 5.

Such indeed has been the judg- ment pronounced upon it by every one. To me, however, it appears to partake greatly of the 01 sort of arts ; for the subject uf it may sometimes be restric Ca to contemplation ; since there will be oratory in an o! Th« word eonienfio probably alludes to the philotopkits eonlei Uionei, w Moh. 24 and 26, calls Bometime B ditpviaiiimti, aad Eom» tiinea diicepiaiionei. } The first is the itofiu citajeet-aralit ; the second the tiohu d^Hi- livui ; and the third gsalilai.

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